24/7 Emergency Water Extraction response

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24 hour Emergency WATER EXTRACTION response

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24/7 Emergency Water Extraction
Fire / Smoke
Damage Remediation
Mold Treatments
New Construction Dehumidification
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Water Damage Restoration

Residential Water Extraction Service

Our top priority is to quickly extract and remove flood water from your residence in order to immediately begin the drying process using state-of-the-art air movers & dehumidifiers.

We remove any non-salvageable materials and apply antimicrobials to combat microbial & mold growth. We can locate hidden water in walls, underneath wood floors/carpet and behind cabinets using THERMAL IMAGE MAPPING.

Floods can occur due to rain, hot water tanks, A/C unit leaks, washing machines, toilet overflows, sewage backups, rising flood waters, pipes bursts, roof/foundation leaks and cracks.

We understand the importance of getting your house dry and restored after flood damage.

Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Water Extraction Service

We have done extensive flood restoration work for the hotel industry such as Hilton, Choice, Marriott & Intercontinental hotel brands. We regularly provide services to real estate investors who own residential rental properties, stripmalls and commercial properties.

We can extract flood water from walls, carpet, and hardwood/tile floors occuring due to rain, A/C & hot water tank leaks, washing machines & toilet overflows, sewage backup, rising flood waters, pipe bursts due to freezing temperatures, roof/foundation leaks and cracks.

We use THERMAL IMAGE MAPPING to locate hidden moisture and water.

We understand the importance of getting your business back up and running after flood damage.

PROPERTy tear-outs

We perform water and fire damaged property tear outs according to your insurance company’s provided tear-out scope, including hauling away all the generated debris.

Property tear-outs are an essential step towards restoring water and fire damaged properties.  


Uninvited moisture can lead to mold growth in hidden places such as inside your walls & baseboards and underneath your carpet & wood floors within 24 to 48 hours.

We can locate moisture using THERMAL IMAGE MAPPING to take guess work out, accelerating turnaround time.


We provide mitigation services after a fire has occurred to combat mold and deploy ozonation process in order to remove soot and any post-fire smells from the structure. 

We can rehabilitate salvageable carpets, upholstery and textiles in the structure after they have been exposed to soot.